What Is a Blowout Bar? Hint: Not What You Think!

March 4, 2021

Have you heard of a blowout bar? It sounds like something a bunch of frat boys might come up with for a wild Saturday night. Actually, it has nothing to do with alcohol, bars, or crazy college kids. A blowout bar is a salon that specializes in the blowout method of hair styling. Wait, but what’s a blowout, you ask? A blowout is a way of styling wet hair, using a round brush and a hairdryer. The cool thing about a blowout is that the style can last anywhere from 3 to 5 days. 

Here’s how an appointment goes: first, you get your hair washed and conditioned. Then the stylist will gently work out excess moisture with a towel. After that, the stylist will smooth in a conditioning product to protect your hair from the heat of the blowdryer. When that’s done, the stylist will pull out a round brush and blowdryer and start styling your hair. 

Get a Blowout for Your Everyday Look or for a Big Event

Unlike many styles that only work on certain hair textures and lengths, a blowout can work for any type of hair, whether thick, fine, curly, straight, or wavy, long or short. The possibilities for a blowout are just as varied. Get a perfectly smooth bob or go a little funky with a more textured, messy style. For long hair, you can opt for perfectly smooth and straight, get some texture going, or add waves. If you love a vintage look, go for the perfect, smooth waves of Lana Turner or Gene Tierney. Often, you can add on a braid for an extra special look. You can also opt for a braided updo for a stand-out style on a special occasion. 

One of the fun features of many blowout bars is that they offer party bookings. It can be for a big life event, like a wedding or a baby shower. Or as a way for you and your best girlfriends to get together and feel pampered. Most blowout bars offer styles for little girls. A big gathering of mothers, aunts, grandmothers, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters can be a wonderful way to bond and have fun. Many places will let you bring in your own snacks and drinks, too. Be sure to check about the alcohol policy ahead of time. Some blowout bars will offer a house call option. This can be the perfect way to get everyone ready for a wedding or other big event without having to drive anywhere. 

While some blowout bars are strictly blowouts only, others offer more services. These can include special treatments for colored hair, scalp massage, or a nourishing hair masque. If you’re interested in a blowout for a special occasion, see if you can find a blowout bar that offers make up, too. That way you can get everything done at one time. 

A blowout will usually take about 45 minutes to do, though this can vary, depending on the length and texture of your hair and the style you want. The price varies from place to place, but is usually under $50. Some salons offer a membership option so you can get several blowouts each month at a significant discount. Purchasing a blowout package can be another way to get the style you love for less. Another offering is the dry style. Rather than get your hair washed at the salon, you come in with clean, dry hair, and the stylist will take it from there. Dry styles usually cost less than a blowout. Ask about special blowout tools. Many places offer specialized tools for purchase, so you can touch up or create a blowout look at home. 

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