Look into the Eye: Diseases Every Senior Should Know About
October 25, 2021

Preventive care at the ophthalmologist remains essential. Even for healthy older people, it’s advised to have a check-up every two to five years.

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Fun Fall Activities for Seniors
October 21, 2021

Fall fun activities for seniors are not hard to plan. Read the latest article from Senior Life for ideas and more about being a mature adult.

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Seniors: What You Need to Know About the Effectiveness and Benefits of CBD Oil
October 19, 2021

It seems that everybody is talking about hemp and CBD oil. How might it help seniors feel better? Read the article to make an informed decision.

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The Importance of Online Learning for Seniors
October 14, 2021

Learn about online learning for seniors and where to find free and paid classes. Subscribe to Senior Life to get info on living as a mature adult.

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Exercise Tips for Seniors
October 13, 2021

We sat down with Sabrina Jo who provided insight on how seniors can benefit from regular physical activity.

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What Are Blue Light Glasses and Why You Should Get a Pair
October 11, 2021

Screens are all around us and they emit blue light. The latest eyewear care everyone is talking about is blue light glasses. What are they?

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How You Can Celebrate Healthy Aging Month Year-Round
October 8, 2021

We all get older, but some of us do it with more finesse. Read on to learn how Senior Life readers embrace healthy aging year-round.

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How to Celebrate Grandparents Day Virtually When You Can’t Be Together?
October 7, 2021

We can’t always be together, but we can celebrate Grandparents Day virtually. Read our post and find lots of Zoom ideas for grandparents.

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10 Great National Read a Book Day Suggestions for Seniors to Get Their Noses into this Autumn
October 5, 2021

In this article, we explore 10 book suggestions for seniors to read this autumn.

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7 Quick and Easy Meal Preparation Ideas for Seniors You Won't be Afraid to Try
September 28, 2021

Just because you're an older American doesn't necessarily mean you want to spend all of your time in the kitchen. How about some quick and easy meal tips?

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20 Affirmations for Positive Aging
September 23, 2021

Positive thinking through affirmations for positive aging improves the quality of life for seniors. Affirmations for caregivers are also important to avoid burnout.

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Cooking Advice from Emeril Lagasse
September 29, 2021

SeniorLifeFYI had the opportunity to sit down and interview famous chef, Emeril Lagasse. Emeril discusses cooking tips, how to decide what to make for dinner, and provides insight on his favorite places to travel for cuisine.

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