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Seniors and Allergies - When are you too old?
Anaphylactic shock can be life-threatening when allergic to stings, nuts or shellfish, or even medication. What should seniors know?
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21 Ways You Can Do Something Nice For Someone and Yourself Without Breaking the Bank
A kind word is like a Spring day. So how will you be kind to yourself and others today? We’d love to know.
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Likes! Shares! Selfies! Is Social Media Really a Good Thing for Seniors?
Of course, Social Media is good for seniors. Social media connects seniors with family, friends, colleagues, and even past schoolmates.
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3 Things to Do On Cape Cod that Don’t Make You Look like a Tourist
You want to explore the real Cape Cod, but you booked a tour. That’s okay. We have a few suggestions that you may like to enjoy as well.
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