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Being Open-Minded is Hard Work. We Have Some Tips for You!
Do you think Baby Boomers are grumpy and closed-minded? Actually, many seniors are open-minded people. What makes someone open-minded?
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The Pros and Cons of Seniors Owning a Doorbell Camera
Are you hard of hearing? Do you live alone? Are you living in a new neighborhood? These may be some of the reasons why you may like assistance when the doorbell rings.
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Dating as a Senior? Tips on How to Find Love Later in Life
Are you a senior and single? As if dating wasn't challenging enough before, now there are apps and text messages. How do you find love after 55?
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Three Things to Do in Vienna that Don’t Make You Look like a Tourist
Bella & Wayne’s true-to-life travel stories resume. They’ve been to Paris, Kyoto, Berlin and this time they’re in Vienna.
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