Digital Apps That Enhance Your Daily Life

September 14, 2020

There is the sentiment that apps are for the young. Apps are for everyone. In fact, many older adults (how many of us want to admit we’re seniors at 55?), rely upon digital apps for our everyday lives. Yes. digital apps are also for Boomers not just Generations, X, Y, and Z.

It’s a bit ageist to believe seniors don’t know how to use apps or don’t want to. For those whose retirement puts them into a restrictive fixed income, it may not be practical to spend a lot of money on apps; that’s the difference.

“Technological changes are in many ways positive in nature (including perhaps being carried off on a horse rather than having to walk). They help us with our everyday tasks and bring new solutions for Seniors and others requiring assistance.” Warren Laine-Naida

Health Apps

If you have an iPhone, the Health App allows you to curate all of your health data in one location. It integrates with your Apple Watch as well. Seniors love convenience. Who doesn’t?

Keep track of your weight, blood pressure, workouts, steps, and more. Most apps like Endomondo that track walks and runs also integrate with the Health App. Headspace can add minutes into the mindfulness category.

Android users have similar apps in the Google Play store as well. And the Institute for Aging has a list of resources for all kinds of apps -- including managing medication.

Ride Sharing Apps

Whether it’s Uber or Lyft, ride sharing apps are part of everyday life for most Boomers as well as Millennials. If you live in a city with plenty of public transportation options like Portland, Oregon, you can mix up walking with the local trolly. Need to do a run at your local IKEA? Rent a car for a couple of hours with the Zipcar app.

This combination of apps are perfect for seniors of any age. Living our best lives means using technology for our own advantage.

News and Information Apps

Curio is perfect if you want well-written articles read to you like a podcast. Kindle has an app if you prefer to read on your mobile device instead of their own table. Almost every news outlet has their own app from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times.

Gaming and Puzzles

Gaming isn’t just for the kids playing Fortnite or Minecraft. The New York Times has their daily crossword app, Scrabble has their app, not to mention all of the seniors playing slots and Candy Crush. Yes. (My 74-year-old neighbor next door plays Candy Crush daily.)

Puzzles are a great way to learn and relax after reading the news on the remove apps.

Fitness Apps

Besides the native Health App on the iPhone, there are many fitness apps from yoga to crossfit to Tai Chi for people of all ages. Asana Rebel is a popular yoga app, Endomondo is great for tracking your walks, and don’t forget that Silver Sneakers is a great program that also has an app.

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