Discover the Benefits of Joining Local Activities at the Senior Center

February 23, 2021

Some older adults struggle with finding friendships and community, especially after retirement. The good news is that there are senior centers all around the country that provide fun programming for older adults. It’s not just people playing cards or bingo. In fact, the modern senior center is a wonderful place to make friends, learn new skills, and stay active. 

Senior centers are often open to anyone 50 or older. You don’t have to be retired to enjoy the programs. Most people join the center wanting to make friends and explore the world. You’ll usually find a friendly group of people who will be very welcoming. 

Centers organize trips to museums, concerts, and other events. There are craft groups, groups for playing cards and other tabletop games, and life-long learning groups. Learn to paint, learn a new language, or learn to take amazing digital photos. 

You’ll often find a fitness center and full schedule of classes, from cardio to water aerobics to yoga. 

Senior centers also offer delicious, nourishing, and inexpensive meals. There’s nothing like getting together to share a meal with friends -- even if you are socially distanced. Some will also offer cooking classes. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to make your favorite cuisines at home? 

With Online Programs, Senior Centers Are a Hub for Social Groups

During the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the programming has gone online. While video conferencing isn’t the same as getting together in person, senior centers are still vital places for adults to maintain social connections. It’s amazing how creative people have gotten with online learning. 

You can still find exercise classes, arts classes, and social groups. If you’ve ever been shy about learning to dance or take up another interest, now is the time to learn in the privacy of your home. If you are not so comfortable with getting online, you will find senior center workers who can help you, either over the phone or in a class. Centers offer grab-and-go meals, too. 

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