Get Merrier with Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Seniors

The Christmas season is about joy and spending time with friends and loved ones. It’s the perfect time for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. So, what is an ugly Christmas sweater (or jumper if you’re from across the pond? Basically, it’s a Christmas-themed sweater that is funny or very tacky. 

It’s fun to search for or even create your own ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s even more fun to spend time together seeing what everyone has found or come up with. December 17th is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. It’s the perfect day to honor ugly Christmas sweaters and throw a party. If you throw a party or are invited to one, you will want your sweater to stand out. 

Enjoy these ugly Christmas sweater ideas for seniors.

  • Dive deep into your own closet. Something that may have been in style back in the 70s or 80s may qualify as an ugly Christmas sweater today. (Or even the 2000s, who are we kidding?)
  • Go on a trip to your local thrift store. Around the holidays, most thrift stores showcase holiday-themed clothing and you are sure to find something tacky.
  • Make your own ugly Christmas sweater. Grab a plain sweater that is a good Christmas color and make it tacky yourself. Sew-on patches, hang ornaments, add some Christmas Lights, put on some bows, candy canes, presents, or pom poms. Use inspiration from popular Christmas stories or create a festive scene. If you are pressed for time but want to make your own, they do sell kits. You don’t even have to sew on the ornaments if you use safety pins!
  • Purchase a new ugly sweater. With the abundance of merchandise available online these days, you can certainly order yourself an ugly Christmas sweater. 

No matter which route you take to find your ugly Christmas sweater, wear it with pride. Have a great time with friends and family members at your own home, your senior center, or your retirement home. Want more ideas that make your days bright? 

Are You Going to Host an Ugly Christmas Party?

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