Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!

November 11, 2021

The Marine Corps has been creating its legacy since November 10th, 1775. This brave group has been protecting our national interests on legendary battlefields as well as helping struggling communities at home. The USMC has a fascinating history, and we honor all who have passed through its ranks on this day

“For me, it serves as more of a nostalgic day that reflects both Memorial Day and Veterans Day -- it's a time where Marines focus on their brothers in arms, remembering the good, and staring off into the distance as sorrow washes over them for all of their fellow Devil Dogs who gave their lives for our freedom.” Justin Sloan (USMC Veteran), Military.com

Rich History of the U.S. Marine Corps

Perhaps you have an interesting story of your own to share! Here are a few interesting facts and statistics about the Marine Corps as we celebrate the USMC birthday.

  • Samuel Nicholas became the first captain of the fledgling force of Continental Marines and raised two battalions of Marines from Tun Tavern in Philadelphia. 
  • The first amphibious raid of the Marine Corps occurred only a few weeks after its creation. Five companies of Marines traveled to the Bahamas to raid a British weapons cache.
  • The Marine Corps got the nickname of “Leathernecks” in 1805 when they rescued the kidnapped crew of the USS Philadelphia on the shores of Tripoli. They received this nickname because of the high collar that they wore for protection from the sabers of pirates. 
  • Each year since 1925, a birthday ball has been held to celebrate the founding of the Marine Corps.
  • Marine Navajo code talkers provided the unbreakable code that allowed necessary communication on the battlefield and secured victory over Japan in World War II.
  • Montford Point Marines, the first African-Americans to enlist in the Marine Corps, paved the way for generations to come by winning essential battles in the Pacific, Korea, and Vietnam.

The Marine Corps will remain the ‘force of choice’ for the United States as the country navigates an uncertain world. The stories of present-day Marines will continue to add to their elaborate history and make the country proud. We thank you for your service and celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday.


How Will You Be Celebrating Marine Corps Birthday?

Whether you’re attending the annual Marine Corps Ball or gathering on base or at the VFW for the cake cutting, we hope that you call or text your friends and family in the Marines. As they say, “there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine.”

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