How You Can Celebrate Healthy Aging Month Year-Round

October 8, 2021

Physical health is a large part of healthy aging, but it’s also about reinventing yourself and doing things you’ve always wanted to do. As kids are going back to school and summer is coming to a close, September is a terrific time to make a game plan and really dive into how to maintain healthy aging. Start now with brainstorming and planning and then use the rest of the year to carry out your ideas. 

There are many myths that surround aging, and most of them are negative. Getting older has been something people don’t want to talk about, but there are more opportunities than ever for those over 45. Take a look at these healthy aging tips and see what you can incorporate into your life. 

How a Healthy Aging Mindset Makes All the Difference

When thinking about how to age gracefully, it really comes down to your attitude and surroundings. One of the best things you can do is be positive and surround yourself with other positive people. Remove negative people from your life and focus on positive friendships and family members. When going out, walk like a confident, healthy, vibrant person. Take big strides, wear comfortable shoes, and stand up straight. If you walk with purpose and confidence, you will look and feel great. 

Movement is Healthy Aging

Make your physical health a priority. Start small and add to your routines as you are able. Cut out unhealthy foods and make it a point to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Start an exercise regimen. Start out by walking, which is not only great for your body, but also for your social life. Walk around your neighborhood and make it a point to meet your neighbors. Breathe in the fresh air and look for the beauty of nature. Also schedule your annual physical or other health screenings. Get checked out and take some time off from worrying about your ailments.

Growing is Healthy Aging 

Another way to celebrate healthy aging is to find ways to grow as a person. It’s not too late to learn new things or pursue your passions. Go back to school to study a subject you’ve always wanted to. Start a small business or look for a new job. If you are enjoying retirement and not looking for work, seek out your inner artist. Take a painting class, learn to play the piano, or get into woodworking. Find classes in the community and meet others who have similar passions. Volunteer even.

Traveling is another great way to learn and grow. Even if you are limited in your budget, there are many great destinations in every state. Do some exploring and if you have the means, travel to other states or abroad. Think about that place you’ve always wanted to go to and make it happen. 

Recognize Loneliness and Act

A final tip is that if you are lonely, do something about it. Stop complaining about not having friends or family, and make a plan. Call an old friend or family member that you enjoy being around and invite them to lunch. Sign up for classes and activities so that you have the opportunity to meet others. Volunteer in the community. This will not only help you to feel good about yourself but also allow you to meet others.

Live Your Best Life All Year

Now is the time to make a plan to help you live your best life. Take the initiative and celebrate Healthy Aging all year long. As always, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you found this on social media and get back to living your best life!

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