I'm Tired of Cooking. What About Doordash?

June 18, 2021

Some people love cooking and find it to be a creative and meditative outlet. For others, it’s just a boring, daily task that has to be done. When you live alone or with a partner, cooking can be more challenging, since most grocery products are sold in quantities for families of three or four people. Bulk or batch cooking can help to make the burden less, but let’s face it, eating the same meal over and over again is pretty boring. And eating something that’s been sitting in the freezer for a month or more is not exactly appetizing. If you’re still working, it can just be hard to come up with the bandwidth to throw together a passable meal after a long day. 

Drive-thru fast food is an option, though it gets a bit hard on the waistline. Eating out can be fun. But what about when you just want to curl up in your PJs and relax? Or you’re still concerned about being in a room full of strangers, after so many months of staying home during the pandemic.

“DoorDash promises to have your delivery to you within 45 minutes at the most, so it’s good if you are hungry and want to eat quickly.” SeniorsMatter.com

Let Your Favorite Restaurant Cook and DoorDash Deliver

Technology to the rescue! Nowadays, there are a ton of apps offering to deliver food from your favorite restaurant to your door. One of the best is DoorDash. The company works with local restaurants to deliver food. The cool thing for restaurants is that they don’t have to hire their own drivers. DoorDash drivers (called Dashers by the company) are freelancers who work for the company, not the restaurant. 

You’ll pay a delivery fee for every order you place. How much depends on the deal the restaurant has with DoorDash. Before you place your order, you’ll see a complete breakdown of the cost of your food, taxes, delivery fee, and tip for your Dasher. Some restaurants will waive the delivery fee if you order a certain dollar amount or order during certain windows of time. 

If you try DoorDash and really like it, you can opt to purchase a DashPass. This is an extra membership service that costs $9.99 per month. When you order from participating businesses, the delivery fee will be waived and some service fees lowered, as long as your order is at least $12. For those ordering often, the DashPass pays for itself in a few orders. 

One thing to be aware of is that some restaurants do not have their full menus available for DoorDash orders. 

If Your Cooking is in a Rut, Use DoorDash

The great thing about DoorDash is that you can use it on their website or on their mobile or tablet app. So, if you’re in a rut with your cooking, try something new!

Here’s how an order will work. 

  • Log on to DoorDash, either on the desktop website or in the mobile app. 
  • Search for your favorite restaurant and place your order. 
  • Choose how much to tip your Dasher.
  • Pay for your meal, using the stored payment method, including any fees and tip. 
  • You’ll be notified when a Dasher has agreed to deliver your order and when they pick it up.
  • Opt-in to notifications to get real-time updates on your order and know when to expect it. You can also leave directions for how your Dasher should deliver your order, including requests for No Contact delivery. 
  • Watch the progress of your order from the restaurant to your location on the map in the Orders section of your account. 

DoorDash is great for times when you don’t feel like cooking -- it’s also a great way to support your local economy and try new things. Some restaurants also use DoorDash to deliver large catering orders. If you’re planning a party, either at home or at work, check to see if your chosen restaurant partners with DoorDash. This can save you time and money, and keep your party going smoothly. Visit the DoorDash website to get more details about how the service works and to sign up. 

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