Modernize Your Makeup Palette So You Can Age Gracefully

January 26, 2021

Are you still rocking the makeup you did in 1967? How about 1977 or 1987? We know styles cycle every thirty years. But we’re still aging.

Don’t worry, even if your makeup is out-of-date, we have some great tips to modernize your makeup routine as you become an older adult. Who feels old? Me, no way! But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t change my makeup as I age -- you know -- gracefully. 

Why Does Makeup Make Me Look Old?

It’s not that makeup makes us look old, it’s that our skin is changing as we age. We lose elasticity, moisture, and collagen. Since our skin will tend to be more dry, it’s important that we stay away from long-wear types of concealers or powders. Tinted moisturizers are our BFF! 

Unless we’re coloring our hair, we don’t need to change our palette overnight. Think about preferences and maybe even ask a friend (who is nice). This video by Jill Chivers and Imogen Lamport does a great job talking about how even our wardrobe choices can change. 

Should You Wear Less Makeup As You Get Older?

Less is more is a great strategy regardless of our age. Makeup is more about the venue, right? If we’re going to work, there’s one look. Another look is  for date night. Yet, bolder colors are needed when going clubbing. Hey, we “older Americans” can go out dancing, too. (Well, if there weren’t a pandemic, that is.)

Can Your Skin Tone Change As You Age?

Unfortunately, yes. Our skin tone changes as we age from a loss of estrogen (thanks, menopause) and collagen (what gives our skin firmness). Collagen supplements are one way to help and if your doctor allows hormone replacement, that helps, too. As with any medication, talk to your doctor as family history is a big factor in these choices.

Not only does our skin change as we age, but our hair does, too. You may have noticed the gray hair appearing. It’s okay to go full out gray -- more power to ya -- or color it. It’s really up to you. With that said, hair color will determine the best makeup palette. Going gray? Go for pinks and shimmers when it comes to blushes, eyeshadow, and lipstick. We want to stay away from harsh contrasts. So, if your was a deep black, maybe go down a shade or two. Talk to your colorist. 

What Are The Best Makeup Tips For Mature Ladies?

Focus on the eyes and lips. These are our communicators on our face. We communicate so much with our eyes and lips and yet so many of our wrinkles appear there. When it comes to skin  care, a good night’s sleep, proper hydration, and SPF are all great tactics. But, crows feet are the scars of a life well lived full of laughter and smiles. 

“As you age, you naturally lose definition in your lips, so you want to avoid dark colors like deep reds, purples, and browns, which make your pout look even smaller, less highlighted, and less plump.” Reader’s Digest

So, avoid heavy creams and powders around your eyes. We’re highlighting; not covering. Shape the eyebrows, keep them tweezed. Many days, the 45 and over crowd can get away with a bit of mascara and filled-in brows. This is why semi-permanent brows are an amazing investment in your self-care budget.

“Shape & Fill in Eyebrows -- It's like a mini eye lift, do not wear brows darker than your hair color.” Cynde Watson

How Will You Change Your Makeup Routine?

A bit of blush, mascara, filled in eyebrows, and a tinted lip balm will do wonders and save us time. So you can get back to living your best life!

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