Pilates and Seniors -- It's a Fantastic Workout for Older Americans

May 11, 2021

If yoga isn't your thing but you still want to work on strength and balance, maybe pilates is for you. Pilates is a great fit for anyone's workout routine. Who doesn’t want a strong core? 

Is Pilates Good for Seniors?

Yes, pilates is good for seniors. It helps with balance, mobility, and strength. Combine isometrics with resistance training -- the kind you see in rehab -- and you’ll know what it’s all about. You isolate muscle groups to become more aware of how your brain makes these groups move. This is important for cognitive health and fall prevention.

“Many seniors who participate in a Pilates-based exercise program report increased energy, decreased aches and pains, and improved quality of life.” SCAR

What Exercises Should Seniors Avoid?

Anyone, regardless of their age, should consult a physician before starting new workout regimens -- especially if you have high blood pressure. If you’re recovering from an injury or have a heart condition, asthma, or another illness, please talk to your primary care physician before starting any new workout routine. This includes low-impact workouts in both yoga and pilates. 

Suffice it to say that there are exercises older Americans should avoid especially if it includes squats with weights, anything that is called “leg day,” HIIT workouts, and deadlifts. We’re not all Jack LaLange, you know?

Can I Do Pilates at Home?

You can do Pilates at home. Silver Sneakers has a series of five exercises that you can do every day from home on a mat. You can even do Pilates exercises while standing


Sure, it’s more ideal to learn Pilates in a small group setting or with private lessons, especially if you’re a beginner. You’re learning to recognize and move specific groups of muscles in your body. It starts with the core and builds strength and balance.

“Seniors will benefit from both Mat Pilates and Reformer (Apparatus) Pilates sessions. Initially, you may want to take a few private classes with a trained Pilates teacher. This will help you become comfortable with the exercises and with modifications.” Pilates Anytime

Will You Start Pilates?

Starting a new routine, with doctor approval, can start small. Start with one day a week, then move to two days, three days, and so on. Share this article with a friend -- maybe you can start together. As always, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you found this on social media. 

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