Podcasts for Senior Adults: Whether You’re Exercising or Relaxing Here are 7 Audibly Listenable Recommendations

April 25, 2022

We bet if you're reading this, you also listen to podcasts. If you're looking for a new podcast, we have seven recommendations on podcasts to mix it up. 

What Are Podcasts Anyway? Do they require an iPod?

The first podcast was IT Conversations by Doug Kaye; the show ran from 2003 to 2012. Today there are almost a million different podcasts available, with fifty million episodes!

Podcasts have moved a long way from the Apple iPod in the last twenty years. Podcasts are available on almost every website, from small and private radio jockeys to The New York Times. Subjects span topics ranging from comedy to mystery, cooking, self-help, and more.

You can listen to a podcast on your desktop computer, too – regardless of make and model. Podcasts are easy to use -- just download, plug in your headphones, and go for a walk in the park. You can enjoy your podcast and do some walking exercises simultaneously!

You can enjoy a podcast episode by downloading it from the source or listening to it on the website. Most podcasts allow users to download or stream episodes directly from a site. Your smartphone should also come with a podcast player app pre-installed, so you shouldn’t need to download a podcast app.

“Podcasts are a form of media content developed in 2004 when former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer coded the “iPodder.” The iPodder was a program that let users download internet radio broadcasts to their Apple iPod. This is where the term and meaning podcast was born, taking its name from a blend of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasts.’” Riverside.fm

I Listen to My Radio. Why Should I listen to a Podcast?

Podcasts are radio -- on the internet! Any time we can try out some new technology, it helps keep us connected with the world. Seniors need to participate, especially today when technology moves so quickly. There is nothing wrong with a radio. I listen to mine! I also like a podcast now and then too. Why? It lets me try something new.

If you are bored, a podcast might be the answer. You can also hone your online skills by searching for a podcast that fits your specific interests. Perhaps you find podcasts of your favorite radio or television shows from your childhood. 

Podcasts allow us to:

  • Stay familiar with technology
  • Multitask
  • Cut down on screen time
  • Learn from experts -- stay up on things!
  • Listen to something other than mainstream media
  • Listen to what we want, when, and where we want to!
  • Support small, independent businesses
  • Keep storytelling alive!

How Can I Find and Listen to Podcasts? Are Podcasts Free of Charge?

While most podcasts are free of charge, some sit behind paywalls, so you may need to buy a subscription or pay per episode. Stitcher is free to use, though there is a premium option where you can pay to avoid ads. Many podcasts have recent episodes that are free, but older episodes are members-only. And the memberships are relatively inexpensive.

Many websites include libraries of interesting podcasts, including:

7 Podcasts Recommendations for Baby Boomers and other Seniors

Here are some podcasts I really enjoy. Perhaps you will too!

Mental Health

The Living to 100 Club 

The Living to 100 Club guests share their professional stories, advise on wellness, and offer explanations about living life to its fullest.


Desert Island Discs  

The original radio program began in 1942! It asks a guest to name eight songs, one book, and one luxury item they would take on a deserted island.


You Must Remember This 

This podcast is dedicated to the forgotten histories and secrets of Hollywood.

Women Only
Girl Talk: Women, Aging, and Sexuality
A biweekly podcast that recognizes that women over 50 are still interested in romance, love, and sex. Episodes focus on everything related to women and aging.

Food and Cooking

The ultimate podcast for foodies! This podcast features celebrity chef spots, stories about the traditions behind best-loved recipes, and much more.

The Daily 

This is a daily news podcast by The New York Times. The podcast is based on interviews with journalists from the paper and summarizes and comments on world news.

Senior Health
Better Health While Aging 

Ranging in senior health topics from Medicare to Covid to staying sharp. Hosted by Leslie Kernisan, MD.

We couldn’t stop at just seven podcast recommendations. Here are two more!

This American Life 

A podcast that offers funny, touching, and unique vignettes about everyday life in America. 

This podcast is recommended by Sam

The Handyguys Podcast 

Handymen Brian and Paul offer tips and tricks for home upkeep tasks alongside anecdotes about their family lives and miscellaneous topics.

This podcast is recommended by Sunrise Senior Living!

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