Does The Single Supplement Prevent You From Sleeping In Peace When You Travel? No.

April 13, 2021

You're retired, single, and you love to have your own space -- even when you travel in groups. That’s great. It’s good to be independent and, besides, you never know who you might room with. Does the single supplement make travel expensive? The ambiguous answer we all hate is: “it depends.”

What is the Single Supplement?

The single supplement is the additional cost for a traveler to have their own room. Land tour operators, cruise ships, and trains presume double occupancy. This is where it sucks to be single and you insist on having your own room. It can be waived but it can also be twice as much. Check out all of the options and consult a professional travel agent. 

But, if you have the extra cash, and you don’t want to hear Norma snoring, then pay the fee. Your sleep cycle will thank you. And you did pinch pennies for this exact moment, right? 

“In the travel industry, tour operators and cruise ships create packages at wholesale prices. These per-night costs assume double occupancy. Unless the tour operator has specifically built a package that includes rooms for solo travelers, there can be an increased cost for the solo traveler. This is referred to as the single supplement.” Trip Designs

Where do Older Singles Vacation?

Older singles can vacation wherever they please. Have you always wanted to go to the South of France? Go. Want to spend your retirement as a Road Scholar? Do it. (We love the pun.) Literally there are so many choices that we don’t have the space to write about them. Thailand? Yep. Hiking the Grand Canyon? Check. What about on the Danube? Yep. Russia? Yep. Lots of choices mean you should chat with a travel agent. They earn commissions from their wholesalers so it should be at no cost to you. 

If I Want to Sleep In Peace, Do I Have to Pay the Single Supplement?

The single supplement is a small fee, that can add up if you’re on a tight budget. Okay. The single supplement can also be twice as much. So you want to travel with a group but not break the bank. We get it. 

Travel partners can be fun during the day, but you prefer your own space. Many group tours will match you with a roommate as well. So, it’s nice to know that if you don’t want to find a travel partner -- or the last one didn’t work out -- many tour operators offer special deals for solo travelers. 

Many operators severely discount the single supplement if not waive it entirely. Definitely let your travel agent know your preference.

“We believe that traveling solo, shouldn’t mean having to pay more. On many of our hand-crafted itineraries, you can enjoy up to 100%* off our standard single supplement fee.” Trafalgar

Don’t Let the Single Supplement Crush Your Travel Dreams

You retired for this moment -- freedom from schedules and bosses so that you can travel. So, if you’re retired and single, find a friend you can travel with. Or be totally adventurous and sign up with a group tour according to your areas of interest. Heck, you could even get the girls from college together. Maybe they want to join you! Either way, go. You’ll never regret taking your dream trip.

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