Too Old for TikTok? Think Again. Some of the Biggest Accounts are Older Americans!

March 16, 2021

TikTok is fun for anyone not just vent-ertainment about COVID. There are some really great accounts but we can’t list them all. If there was one good thing about 2020, it was the connection and community that happened around TikTok and it’s not just for the Zoomers! 

Older Americans and more seasoned Seniors have flooded the platform and given the kids a run for their money! Now, by flooded, that figure is about 7% as of June 2020 by Statista. The business of aps reports that the 

Old Man Steve told the Wall Street Journal, “The young people want me to be their grandpa.” That says a lot about how the Zoomers and Boomers are bonding. And, it’s happening -- not on Facebook or Instagram’s Reels -- it’s on TikTok. 

Seniors Modeling on TikTok

We found this makeover TikTok by the user PaintedBySpenser and were won over! How adorable and fantastic is this? 

Seniors Dancing on TikTok

There are cooking shows, dance-offs, magic tricks, and anything else you can find. We love the TikToks with pets for sure! How about a trio of dads in britches? And who can forget the adorable couples dancing? Oh man. Cuteness overload.

“If you do enough scrolling on the platform, you'll come across thousands of other mega-viral elderly people, like @gramma.pat who does everything from dancing to dot-to-dot pages for her fans.” BuzzFeed 

Assisted Living and TikTok

What’s better than a TikTok challenge than to help your clients have a bit of fun and do some good old-fashioned occupational therapy? 

How Do Seniors Get Started with TikTok?

As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use TikTok. It’s tempting to compete with the TikTok stars, but what works is you being you. Give advice. Be authentic. Be fun. We don’t all get to go viral on TikTok but using a trending sound seems to be a trick. 

Another fun way to engage with videos on TikTok is to use the duet feature to react and respond or just to follow along. Use a fun dialogue and lip sync! There’s a great tutorial on how to get up and running on TikTok by so check it out.

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