Use Google Docs and Voice Typing to Tell Your Story

December 8, 2020

Have you been wanting to tell your story and record it for your family? Perhaps you're working on a book. Voice typing in Google Docs is a great way to capture your story without the bother of typing.

Who Would Use Voice Typing?

Anyone can use voice typing. Voice typing is a great resource when that arthritis starts bugging you again. Well, maybe it’s just me. (It’s already started with this forty-seven-year-old writer.) Voice typing is a dream for sure.

Now, it does feel a bit odd because you have to use certain commands the way a boss would while dictating to a secretary.

To type the sentence, “It’s time for all good men to love their country.” You have to say, “It’s time for all good men to love their country period.”

When you’re ready for a paragraph break, you have to say, “new line.”  You can also say “new paragraph.” If you’re using quotes, say “quote.” If you need a comma, say “comma.” You get used to the rhythm quickly.

To type, “Are you ready for the future?” I had to say, “are you ready for the future question mark.”

Do I Need Special Software?

You don’t need special software. You may have to give Google permission to use your computer’s microphone. The same would go with the Google Doc App on your mobile device or tablet.

Before Google included voice typing or dictation as part of their documents, people had to buy dictation software like Dragon. It’s still available, by the way on the Nuance store. The good thing about voice typing in Google docs is that it's free. If you're used to talking to Siri, Google Home, or Alexa, it should be a breeze.

How Do I Access Google Docs?

Google Docs is included with your Gmail account. If you have a Chrome browser or a YouTube account, chances are that you have a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you can start one. It’s much better for email than, by the way.

To start a Google Doc, go to your Gmail account on your laptop or desktop computer. In the upper right, next to your profile photo, you will see a very small grid. Click on that to access “Google Apps.” Scroll down in the popup until you see a blue icon that looks like paper and says “docs.”

Google Docs are stored in your Google account which is in the cloud. You can always download it as a PDF document or a Microsoft Word Document, too.

How Can I Learn to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs?

We’re so glad you asked how to learn to use voice typing. You can enable it by going to Tools in the menu and choosing voice typing. If you prefer a tutorial, Bridget Willard demonstrates voice typing in this video which is also subtitled for your convenience.

Google Docs also has their own resource to help you get started. 

What stories will you tell? Will you self publish on Amazon? Maybe you’ll surprise yourself!

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