Virtual Celebration Ideas Let Seniors Embrace Holidays Safely

December 23, 2021

Thanks to advancements in technology, celebrating a socially distanced holiday is easier than ever. Whether you are looking for ideas for virtual holiday parties during Covid or ways to connect with family members who live across the country, there are many great options. It takes time to establish and maintain relationships, and with advances in technology, that time can be spent online. 

“Short visits with people outside of your household are safer. If you are visiting with a senior loved one, consider visiting more often and for a shorter amount of time.” Home Care Assistance

Virtual Celebration Ideas for Seniors

  • Wrap presents together on Zoom with a best-wrapped present competition. Everyone can gather their wrapping materials and sign on together. Vote on the best-wrapped present. If you want to go really competitive and fun, make it a race against the clock!
  • Make food or drinks together. Take turns sending out a list of ingredients to family members and get together once a week around Christmas time. Sign on at the same time to make the food item, cocktail, or mocktail and enjoy partaking together. You can also decorate cookies together or sign up for a virtual cooking experience with online chefs.
  • Do a Secret Santa or New Years Day gift exchange. Draw names and send gifts to each other. Decide on a time to meet online and open all of the gifts together.
  • Watch a movie together. One person can share their screen from any chosen streaming service. Everyone can share what kinds of snacks they are enjoying and show off their Christmas trees before beginning the movie.
  • Play party games. There are many virtual party games that you can play with friends or loved ones. A few to consider are: name that tune, virtual bingo, virtual charades, or trivia.

We Know. Virtual Events Aren’t The Same.

We have all become more accustomed to spending time with loved ones virtually, whether it be by phone or online. There are many unique virtual holidays ideas to make this time of year even more special. When you can’t be together in person, make a point to gather together online, to keep those relationships growing and thriving.

Seniors Celebrate the Holidays with a Virtual Celebration as a way to Keep Safe From Covid This Season.

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