21 Ways You Can Do Something Nice For Someone and Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

June 28, 2022

Did you do something nice for someone today? You'd be surprised how better you feel about your own problems when you talk to someone else -- and especially when you can help with their problems. 

Whether it's a compliment, a favor, or just a cup of coffee for a stranger, doing something nice for someone can help reduce your own stress.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “You can never do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” 

Doing Something Nice Actually Changes Our Body

There are scientific benefits to being kind. The more regularly we practice it, the more our brain rebuilds itself accordingly, thanks to the lifelong changeability of neural pathways. Each of us can train goodness like a muscle!

There have been a great number of studies that show being kind is not only good for our soul but also for our body.

  • Committing acts of kindness lowers blood pressure
  • Depression is reduced
  • Social avoidance is decreased
  • Kind people age slower

In a study at Berkeley University, the majority of participants reported having more energy after helping another. They felt more optimistic, stronger, more confident, and significantly calmer.

“When we help others and do kind acts, it causes our brain to release endorphins, the chemicals that give us feelings of fervor and high spirits - similar to a "runner's high." Doing something nice for someone also gives the brain a serotonin boost, the chemical that gives us that feeling of satisfaction and well-being.” Psychology Today

What is Something Special I Can Do for My Partner or Friend?

There are always nice things we can do for someone we love. Time is the most valuable commodity we have. We can never buy more of it, and it goes so quickly. Spending time with our partner and our friends does something nice for them and for ourselves.

  • Philosophize about God and the world all night.
  • Take a course together.
  • Take a trip into nature -- walking or cycling.
  • A whole evening just watching movies.
  • Visit a live concert in town.
  • Cook a meal together.
  • Go for a really good meal together.
  • Doing or watching sports together.
  • Stay out until the wee hours.
  • Go on vacation together.
  • Dare to do something together that costs you an effort.

What is Something Special I Can Do for a Stranger?

Each of us can do something to dispel the clouds by doing good for others. This not only puts a smile on the other person's face but also makes you happy. When we do good things for others it comes back to us.

  • Just smile.
  • Just say "thank you.”
  • Donate clothing items, books, and other things you don’t need.
  • Pick up instead of leaving trash.
  • Foodsharing -- anything you don’t need, pass on.
  • Just listen to someone.
  • Round up your purchases if you can.
  • Speak kindly to the cashier, the cleaning staff, and other service workers.
  • Just invite that person sitting alone to a cup of coffee.
  • Get involved in your local community.

There are National Say Something Nice and Do Something Nice Days

They say that people may not remember what you did for them, but they will remember how you made them feel! We can do kind things to do to help others every day, but there are two actual days to mark on the calendar. Besides Christmas!

Mitchell Carnell, the president and CEO of the Charleston, South Carolina Speech and Hearing Center, published a book called “Say Something Nice: Be a Lifter!” 

His work in communication and good works was officially recognized when the mayor of North Charleston, South Carolina proclaimed June 1 as Say Something Nice Day

In addition to this day, National Do Something Nice Day is celebrated each year on October 5.

If you only have time to do something nice one day of the year, you can circle this day on your calendar.

What can you do?

  • Volunteer for the day - even for a few hours if you can.
  • Does someone help you each day? Give them the day off.
  • At the very least, do something special for yourself!

“Human kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people.” 

Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

What is Something Special I Can Do for Myself?

We most often think about being kind and doing something special for others. What about ourselves? We should pat ourselves on the back for getting this far, right? 

We’ve written before about the importance of caring for yourself – you are your own best caregiver.

Many of us are harder on ourselves than we should be. We’re our own worst critics at times. 

People who have more self-compassion have fewer unpleasant emotions after a negative experience. Those with more self-compassion feel less fear, sadness or insecurity and rate their days more positively. 

Perhaps people with more self-compassion are less hard on themselves.

So do something special for yourself by being nicer to yourself.

Are You Ready to Do Something Nice?

A kind word is like a Spring day. So how will you be kind to yourself and others today? We’d love to know. Then go ahead and share this with your friends. Want to read more articles like this? We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter where we send weekly emails with helpful and fun articles

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