7 Quick and Easy Meal Preparation Ideas for Seniors You Won't be Afraid to Try

September 28, 2021

As a retiree, you now enjoy the freedom from childcare and work. You can finally take the time to enjoy mealtime for yourself, or together with your partner. It's much more than food preparation: it's about normality, self-determination, and self-esteem. Many seniors know exactly what they can cook and bake well, so cooking becomes much more enjoyable.

Cooking can be fun. It’s up to you. Here are 5 tips to help you shake it up and yes, we’re including dessert!

Tip 1 -- Enjoy the Process

Whether baking your own bread, making lasagna, or a simple soup, spending time in the kitchen does your soul a favor. Turn on some music, relax, and prepare a meal in peace. 

Tip 2 -- Cooking Healthy isn’t Boring

When you retired you probably imagined going out to eat every night and maybe even fantasized about a live-in cook. But now you have to cook for yourself -- you may not even want to. So, how can you enjoy cooking and stay healthy

Tip 3 -- It’s Okay to Order In 

Drive-thru fast food is an option, though it gets a bit hard on the waistline. Eating out can be fun. But what about when you just want to curl up in your PJs and relax? Why not have some healthy food delivered right to your door?

Tip 4 -- Desert isn’t the Devil 

Does the idea of sponge cake make you feel happy inside? It should. This desert is from the heavens, has little fat, and is good for the heart. 

“There are a wide variety of sources for recipes, so don’t hesitate to jump online and look for inspiration. If you are comfortable on a computer, you may be able to check out healthy eating or cooking websites, food blogs, or even curated sites like Pinterest for ideas. We’re sure you’ll find lots of new favorites!” Senior Home Care Calgary 

Tip 5 -- Cook in Batches

Freeze! Nobody move! We have one final tip to save you time preparing meals.

Sometimes time is the main issue we face when preparing meals. Have you thought about preparing meals and freezing them? We’re not suggesting store-bought frozen meals for seniors. Think of this more like seven-day meal planning for busy older Americans.

“Caregivers are often also responsible for creating menus and making meals for their older family members. One solution that makes it easier is to make and freeze healthy entrees that you can pull out of the freezer and serve as needed.” Sunrise Senior Living 

Tip 6 -- Mix Up the Routine

Mix it up a bit. Meat needn’t be your daily bread, but stick to a safe and healthy diet.

Eating a healthy and varied diet is important for a complaint-free life. So what about trying something vegetarian? You haven’t gone a day without meat for more than fifty years. Why not give it a try? 

Tip 7 -- It’s Okay to Relax

You’ve lived a good, long life. It’s time to relax a bit. Responsible relaxing, however – perhaps half a bag of chips and some carrot sticks wouldn’t go amiss. We should always try to eat healthily. However when we are alone we often let our health slip. A cup of yogurt, a piece of toast, a carrot, I mean who wants to cook for oneself? 


“Before you get cooking, make sure you keep your senior’s doctor in the loop and be sure to check with the medical team about food restrictions and recommendations before planning menus.” Care.com 

Go ahead and try new things. Add the enjoyment back to meal preparation and eating again. Mix in friendship, and getting out of your comfort zone for a bit, and you’re one meal away from never eating in the cafeteria again. Live your best life!

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