Breaking Down the ABCs of Medicare

September 8, 2020

Are you confused about Medicare? You' re not alone. Let's break down the ABCs of Medicare. Medicare is accessible, basic, and complex all at the same time. Most people have presumptions and misconceptions when it comes to how Medicare is implemented and what it covers.

Medicare is Accessible

Everyone over 65 years old has access to Medicare. This is what makes Medicare accessible. Original Medicare is often referred to as Part A and Part B. You must enroll in Medicare in order to start receiving benefits.

You are not automatically enrolled. You need to enroll during normal open enrollment depending upon when your 65th birthday hits.

Medicare is Basic

Medicare is a basic right of our economy; everyone can get basic care after age 65. Think of Medicare as basic car insurance. Parts A & B cover hospitalization, doctor visits, and most diagnostic testing.

You can purchase extra insurance for prescriptions and copay coverage.  This is what Part D is for.

Medicare is Complex

Don't feel bad if you don't understand everything there is to know about Medicare. It's complex. This is why insurance brokers are available to answer questions.

Medicare can be confusing because it is so complex. You’re a smart, capable person. We’re happy to give you the tools to make this decision easy for you. Part of its complexity are the parts, final expenses and supplemental insurance.

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