The 3 B’s of Cooking You May Have Forgotten

August 9, 2021

Hate cooking alone? Dislike cleaning up? Are you just really bad at cooking? We all have reasons why we dread mealtimes, and why a snack seems easier than making a proper meal. Besides – you deserve a snack when you want, right? You’ve put in your time and now it’s your golden years. So, why do you still need to peel carrots and shuck peas for goodness sake? 

School is in! Let’s start with the three B’s -- Brain, Body, and Best Friends. If you’re still not convinced by the end of this article, then you can always call DoorDash

Cooking is Good for Your Brain -- and Your Soul 

Whether baking your own bread, making lasagna, or a simple soup, spending time in the kitchen does your soul a favor. Turn on some music and prepare a meal in peace. Does that thought soothe you, too? Cooking has a positive impact on our mental health. Cooking puts us in a state of mind in which we are completely focused and absorbed in what we are doing. We forget about ourselves in the process, and we largely lose track of time -- unless you're expecting guests! In this state, the mind and body work together in harmony.

Cooking strengthens our mindfulness, too. It lets us focus on the now, and satisfies our creativity. Cooking therapies are also regularly used just like painting or sports therapies. Whether to help your memory, relieve stress, or sadness, cooking can benefit you. Now you’re so relaxed you’ve forgotten your famous recipe for “Pasta Giuseppe!” No worries, there are a lot of great cookbooks and ideas for you in our previous post!

“Many therapists have reported that their clients have told them that cooking feels different. It feels like they are in a totally different zone. It helped them eradicate negative thoughts, emotions, depression, stress, tension, etc. It helped them mentally, eased their thought process, and also served as an outlet for emotions.” Calm Sage

Cooking is Good for Your Body -- Inside and Out

You are what you eat, right? In times of fast-food chains and frozen food, it takes an appreciation of one's own body and health to resist the temptation to eat poorly. Don’t get us started on the amounts of fat, salt, and sugar they put in junk food, too. You can save money and maintain your health if you put on your cooking apron and swing that wooden spoon yourself!

Cooking is not only helping you by putting something good inside your body but cooking gives your body the fuel to keep you looking good on the outside. Have you ever tried to ride your bike after eating potato chips for a week? Oh, you don’t own a bicycle? Well, there are probably a few other ways you can enjoy the outdoors if you set your mind to it. 

After all, you're glad that the kids are out of the house and you don't have to cook anymore. Are you a man who never learned how to prepare a tasty meal? Or as a woman, you just don't feel like cooking anymore because you had to do it for decades? Or, is it simply not worth spending hours in the kitchen cooking for yourself. That's what you may think, but it's worth it many times over.

“Cooking and eating healthy food does not have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. Healthy eating is a key part of aging well. It is a way for you to stay healthy and strong, which is important to maintain your independence and quality of life.” Canada’s Food Guide

Cooking is Good for Your Best Friend -- And Nosy Neighbor

Chopping, seasoning, tasting, chatting in a relaxed atmosphere, fooling around, and eating a delicious meal together afterward -- cooking with friends can not only be a lot of fun but also bring people together. After all, you're doing real teamwork here, for which you'll be rewarded with a meal at the end –- and perhaps a glass of wine during? 

To make sure the old saying "many cooks spoil the broth" doesn't ring true, everyone can be responsible for one part of the meal. Perhaps it makes sense for someone to delegate the whole thing a bit and keep track of it all. Perhaps you’re the Chef! Everyone should pitch in because it's more fun together.

A nice opportunity to get to know someone, like the neighbor from 12C? Having the girls over after shopping? Or the guys after a short round of golf? How about reigniting the spark with your partner? Cooking a meal together is one of those situations that help you solve and experience together with others. In addition, it‘s a welcome change in the stress or routine of everyday life. Chop vegetables together or cut meat and don‘t stress about the rest! Unlike eating alone or in the cafe, you do something together, which quickly adds some great memories to your day. Life is short! Enjoy it.

“Cooking and spending time together in the kitchen enjoying conversation gives you a chance to pause and focus on the simple things. Mindful cooking is a meditative experience, and that focus allows you to enjoy the moment and your relationships.” The Chef and the Dish

Cooking Can Be More Cheer Than a Chore

When we were kids our parents would always say, “If you don’t like doing something, try and make it fun.“ Cooking was once the domain of skilled chefs, but today it’s a highly regarded hobby in its own right. It allows you to make a statement about your good taste, your distinct style, and your profound (cooking and food) knowledge. Put on your chef toque today and you will “B“ healthier and happier. As always, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter if you found this on social media and get back to living your best life!

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